Bodog88 Live Dealer Casino is First to Offer Super Six Baccarat

January 04, 2012

Paradise 8 Casino

Super Six Baccarat is the fastest growing card game in land-based Asian casinos but until now was not offered by online live dealer sites. The introduction of the game on The Grand Bodog Live Dealer Casino is expected to prove equally popular. Players enjoy the game as it's simpler to lowest priced viagra'>lowest priced viagra calculate winnings compared to standard Baccarat and as a result is more fun for the casual casino player.

Robert Gustafsson, Managing Director of only for you viagra from canada Bodog88, commented: "Carving out something unique in the cluttered world of online casino is very difficult but with our new live dealer studio we can quickly react to the needs and wants of casino players. Any new trend can be immediately introduced which we hope will make Bodog88 the most dynamic online casino out there."

How it works: if the Banker wins with any point total other than a SIX, then the payout on the bet is Evens (1/1). However, if the Banker does win with a point total of exactly SIX, then all bets are paid at 0.5/1.

In addition, players can take an additional wager on a Super Six result as an insurance bet which pays out at 12/1.

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