GBP 2.3 Million Progressive Jackpot Wins on Sky Vegas Casino

October 08, 2011

Paradise 8 Casino

The summer has been a very lucrative one for customers of Sky Gaming. Sky Vegas Casino, has announced its latest tallies for the progressive jackpots on some of its most popular on-site games for the month of September.

The total of all current jackpots available to be won at Sky's online casinos, of which Sky Vegas is the umbrella host, comes in at a cool GBP 2.3 million at the last count on October 4th.

This huge tally includes the jackpots for several games including Millionaires Club, Leprechaun's Luck, Alice's Wonderland, Pharaoh's Treasure and Chain Reactors.

Wins for Leprechaun's Luck have dropped 3 times in a month. And the jackpot tallies have been steadily rising - leaping from GBP 26,000 on 9th September to GBP 69,000 on 4th October. is all the more impressive given that the game was launched one month ago on September 8th. Sky Gaming's overseers are excited to see whether this popularity continues into the autumn.

The biggest current jackpot is for the Millionaires Club which stands at GBP 700,000 at the end of this week. The last big win for the game was on 4th June, when the jackpot total was a cool GBP 2.64 million.

Not to be overlooked is the impressive GBP 460,134.23 jackpot win for Alice's Wonderland; the winner last struck lucky on this game on 8th September, netting nearly half a million pounds thanks to the efforts of Sky Vegas.

Aside from the smaller and more regularly-won Chain Reactors pots, the season's other big win came in the Pharaoh's Treasure, where the winner took home a great pot of GBP 283,921 on 28th June.

Sky Gaming looks forward to the autumn's online casino games, and is expecting more big hauls to come as the colder months kick in and drive online activity.

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