Increase Your Ball Count with Sky Bingo 90 Ball Escalator Jackpot

October 14, 2011

Paradise 8 Casino

Just when you thought online bingo couldn't get more exciting, Sky Bingo throw another ball into the mix -- literally! The 90 Ball Network Jackpot is due to reach a staggering GBP 100,000 and if it is still not won by 5pm on 19 October 2011, it will transform into its super hero counterpart, Escalator Jackpot!

Available to play at Sky Bingo, the Escalator Jackpot will continue to increase every day until it is won. Not only this, but the ball count required to win the jackpot will increase as well. This means that it gets easier and easier to win as the jackpot gets bigger and bigger!

The 90 Ball Escalator Jackpot can be won in the Anytime, Pennies, Value, Value 2 and Premium Rooms on It is open to existing Sky Bingo customers only, and with the Escalator Jackpot less than a week away, time is ticking!

With GBP 100,000 up for grabs, there is no reason why you shouldn't play today. If you don't have a Sky Bingo account, open one now and begin your bingo journey towards a potentially massive win.

New customers can take advantage of an incredible welcome bonus: Play GBP 5, get GBP 20 FREE! That's 400%! No catches, no fuss! Other regular offers include BOGOF Bingo, Free Bingo and penny bingo.

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