The Winner Scoops Four and a Half Grand at Jackpot joy Bingo

January 03, 2012

Paradise 8 Casino

Jackpot Joy Bingo has given details of its latest big winner. Miss Donna C won ï¿¡4,334 on the websites bingo game, Bingo 75, saying she is 'as happy as can be... and still surprised'.

Jackpot Joy Bingo 75 ball Bingo is one of the most straightforward games on the website. Cards numbered from 1 to 75 are laid out in a 5×5 grid. Players purchase however many cards they want before a bingo caller announces numbers randomly. Players must then mark off each number they see called.

To win the game, a player's marked numbers must form a specific pattern or complete a 'Blackout', which means all the numbers have been marked off. The first player to correctly complete one of the predetermined patterns - or to achieve Blackout status - wins the game.

One of the big draws of Bingo 75 for players like Donna is the chat function. It turns an ordinary game of online bingo into a communal experience, much like the old bingo halls where communities gathered to have fun and try to win a prize. To chat with the room, players simply enter a message in the little box at the bottom of the screen. Each room has a Chat Host, highlighted in red, looking after players and answering any questions. Chat Host's also hold regular chat games where players can win cash and prizes outside the ordinary gameplay. Chatters can even choose their own colour. The Chat Hosts are in red.

Bingo 75 is a favourite among Jackpotjoy users. Donna C, the latest big winner, is still coming to terms with her run of luck, and is looking forward to spoiling her family this festive season, saying the money she won 'will all be going towards Christmas shopping and towards a lovely holiday in search of the sun. Thanks for my win!'

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